Wood kitchen cabinets and using

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Island kitchen is furnished, arranged around the perimeter of the room with a dining table in the center. This kitchen design is the most expensive and luxurious, but is only suitable for large rooms. For the manufacture of countertops made of ceramic used a glass which gives hardness and strength of the table top. Another option – is ready to stick ceramic tiles on the countertop of the kitchen table. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of wood kitchen cabinets.

What advantages have ceramic countertops?

Ceramic worktops are very popular in modern kitchens and their glory earned an ulterior motive. One of the advantages of ceramics – a variety of colors, shapes and textures. There ceramic coating imitating a wood pattern. Thanks to ceramics can embody any, even the most daring ideas.

Pottery is very durable, it does not fade under the action of ultraviolet light and does not lose its properties for decades. On top, table top, covered with ceramic tiles, does not belong to the category of over expensive solutions, but looks at it, exclusively. Ceramics easy to clean, resistant to moisture and high temperatures, making it a superior material for finishing dishes.

Ceramic worktops and their shortcomings

Of course, in the ointment could not do without the fly in the ointment, it concerns and countertops made of ceramic. One of their weaknesses – is that it requires constant care, since the remains of food and dirt create her nasty plaque, which, however, can be easily removed, but will have to monitor the cleanliness of the time.

If you ordered a tabletop, solid wood kitchen cabinets, the seams between the tiles may eventually crumble out, thus reducing the aesthetic appeal of the coating, and the table surface is not perfectly flat. Both of these problems are easily solved by using not separate plates and so-called liquid ceramic, countertop during manufacture. Of course, it will be more expensive, and a separate table top does not get, only in the set with the whole kitchen, but the result looks just delicious and deprived of most of the shortcomings tiling.

The common and the main drawback of ceramic countertops is relatively high brittleness. Of course, the split ceramic tops will not, if it is not carefully put the cup, but also an open neglect will not tolerate.

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Sure, ceramic countertops plenty of advantages and disadvantages, most easily removed, but the choice to do to you, based on your personal preferences. Modern family kitchen today has already become something more than a space for cooking. The situation quite long and painstaking process, which is now paying much more time and attention than twenty years ago. Opened up the possibility of purchase of various, hitherto unknown to us all kinds of accessories for the dark wood kitchen cabinets, the kitchen can create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and comfort. The undeniable fact is also significant relief work for women in the field kitchen. All kinds of blades and beaters, spice jars and pot holders, baking tins and brushes. Visit the hardware store turns into a real pleasure, because the purchase of some accessories for the kitchen is not even planned by you, not because I did not want to buy, and you just did not know about the existence of such. With each passing day the number of different accessories to facilitate the process of growing culinary, keep track of all the news is almost impossible.

Kitchen accessories – an element of decor.

Choosing kitchen accessories, should pay attention to the quality of execution. Accessories of stainless steel must be reliable and durable. Wood must necessarily be made of high-quality timber, otherwise they quickly lose their marketability, and you have to buy new ones. When buying textile accessories give preference to natural materials. It’s hard not to agree with the fact that for the kitchen accessories are not only practical and useful accessories that facilitate the process of cooking, but also a beautiful decorative elements, creating harmony and comfort in the kitchen. To save space in the work area can be partially used roof rails, hanging some kitchen utensils. How to clean wood kitchen cabinets you will know else.

Practical and convenient for the banks is no longer boring spice container, and a bold and interesting design solutions that can be fully independent element of the kitchen decor. Create the kitchen a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort with the help of the furniture is quite possible, but do not forget about the indisputable factors affecting the overall picture, however, than the furniture, it is – lighting. This non-standard fixtures for the kitchen will help to realize the desire to create in the kitchen a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. With the play of light can vary the interior solution, properly arrange the necessary accents and finally filling a warm and soft light, is conducive to intimate conversation during a family dinner. In addition to traditional chandeliers, which in recent years is more a design element in the lighting design solutions used daylight lamps, spotlights aimed lamps and recessed lights in the ceiling, single pendants.

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Do not forget about the fact that the owner spends a lot of time in the kitchen and the kitchen light should not be harsh and unpleasant, strained his eyes, and soft and calm. Good only required to cover the work area. For its light using special lamps, intended only to illuminate the kitchen work area and place them under the kitchen furniture. They are designed to be off in the lowest line of sight, but the maximum illuminate the work plane.

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets with chandelier

The number of fixtures for the kitchen includes a chandelier. It usually is the central subject of the interior, and also should give a lot of light. Featuring a kitchen chandelier in the center of the kitchen, directly over the dining table. If the dining table is not in the center of the kitchen space, a kitchen design solution interior meets now fairly frequently, and moving inevitably chandeliers. In this case, it requires additional lighting kitchen area farthest from the chandeliers. Excellent with the solution of this problem, or to pit recessed down light. They will increase the light output in a certain area of the kitchen space.

It has long ceased to be a kitchen for cooking place. Often, this is the place for seed meals and spiritual conversations. Kitchen has acquired the status of the home, and it is therefore important to make a comfortable, harmonious and features only positive emotions. Choosing the right colors will allow its inhabitants to feel comfortable.


In this age of all wood kitchen cabinets, the time for each becomes something quite elusive. That is why in all areas of our lives today are aimed at developing its economy. In the furniture industry a cost-effective design can be called modular kitchens.

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Modular best wood for kitchen cabinets consist of separate, independent modules. In fact, this is a great designer that allows to choose the necessary elements and place them at their discretion in a particular order. This advanced solution allows you to make your kitchen a completely original and unlike. Joyless life in the old days, when all the apartments were exactly the same kitchen sets, sank into oblivion. Various sections or modules are offered to customers in large numbers. Do not be difficult to arrange a non-standard size and layout of the kitchen in the apartment, and in the house.

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